Kingston General Hospital Collective Agreement

Many KHSC employees are represented by collective agreements that are negotiated centrally with the province of Ontario. These include agreements with the Ontario Union Rights Association (NAO), the Ontario Public Service Employees Association (OPSEU), the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Professional Public Service Institute of Canada (PIPSC). For our non-union employees, our compensation philosophy is to set our rates so that they are the 50th percentile of teaching hospitals and major municipal hospitals, with a budget of more than $100 million for short-term sickness benefits, whether they are not injured or not for professional reasons. The fee varies depending on the group and the length of service of the hospital. Life insurance benefits are offered through the hospital. Additional life insurance and dependent life insurance are available at group rates. Pregnancy/parental leave: the amount of the supplementary benefit, the duration of the leave and other benefits during that leave are indicated in the collective agreement or in the conditions of employment. Advanced Health Care This plan provides a partial reimbursement for complementary health care such as: payment of drugs directly subject to medical prescription, private coverage of hospital rooms, eye examinations/glasses/contact lenses in addition to various paramedical services such as massage and physiotherapy. More than 90 per cent of our work environment is unionized, so our communication, consultation and joint problem-solving are key to our success. We are cooperatively engaged in local and provincial collective bargaining. We have a positive working relationship at KHSC with all of our respective organized worker representatives, including: Employment Standards Act leave options KHSC offers all vacation options in the Employment Standards Act, including Family Medical, Caregiver Family, CriticAlly Ill Child Care, Personal Emergency, Reservist, Religious Organ Donor and Donor. The right to leave depends on the group and your length of employment. Casual and part-time workers generally receive a percentage instead of leave.

Long-Term Disability Insurance (HOODIP) A percentage of income exposure is allocated in the event that a worker is unable to practice his or her profession. For part-time workers who are not eligible, you can get benefits under the Health Care Providers Group Insurance Plan. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Additional financial coverage is available to your family in the event of accidental death or dismemberment. This applies in addition to any group life insurance. In addition, KHSC offers all legal benefits such as canada`s Retirement Plan, Employment Insurance and the Workers Safety and Insurance Board. At Kingston Health Sciences Centre, we offer competitive salaries and a number of services that meet the needs of our employees. Commitment and respect are two of the guiding principles that support our healthy employment.