Revision Of The Georgetown Agreement

“The fact that we have reached this point is proof for the committed team that worked on the review, for the support of our Member States and for all those who have contributed to making this recommendation the reality of the 7th and 8th ACP Heads of State and Government Summits. We can now prepare to implement the provisions of the revised agreement, which will have significant implications for the ACP group and the regions. I was the caribbean spokesperson in the negotiations; But of course, our political positions in the negotiations have been constantly marked by a regional council of ministers, some foreign ministers, most trade ministers. Jamaican Trade Minister P.J. Patterson – then Prime Minister – played an important role in leading the entire group in the “sugar” negotiations – an important commodity for many in the group. I was pleased that on 12 February 2009 the European Commission appointed me and I “P.J.” by designating a special space at the Community headquarters, because they wrote: “Historic contribution to Caribbean-European cooperation”. Essentially, we first consolidated the unity of the Caribbean, and then, with their help, we formed the various african and Pacific countries with us in the ACP countries – the group of countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The unity of the Caribbean has enabled this greater unity; and it was this great unity that enabled the conclusion of the Convention. In terms of trade, the Pacific Islands have turned more to Australia and the Pacific than to Europe, with the exception of Fiji, whose sugar exports to Britain were important to its economy.

Fiji`s Prime Minister Ratu Mara led for the Pacific. The “P” in ACP countries has never been forgotten. Signing of the georgetown Revised Agreement The revised Georgetown Agreement came into force on April 5, 2020, when it obtained the required signatures of a third party (1/3) of the Member States. The Kingdom of Eswatini is the 39th (39th) of the 79 OACPS member states that sign the revised Georgetown Agreement. On December 9, 2019, the 9th ACP Summit of Heads of State and Government adopted the revised Georgetown Convention, which notably changed the organization of the ACP group to the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group (OACPS).