4 Walls Agreement

(a) Fourwalls is under no obligation to the client`s liability, whether treated, illegally (including negligence), in the event of a breach of legal obligations or otherwise, of a loss of earnings or an unforeseeable loss resulting from or related to the contract; and 3.7 For all content provided by Fourwalls, it is the customer`s responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions prior to publication for models, copyrighted works of third parties, trademarks, designs or other intellectual property rights, unless such permissions have already been obtained from the Fourwalls subcontractor. The customer agrees to release all damages, losses, costs, claims or expenses incurred by Fourwalls due to the Client`s failure to obtain such authorizations. 3.9 The client is responsible for providing access to the property on the date agreed upon in the statement and ensuring that the property is both easily accessible and accessible in the case of photos in a reasonably presentable condition. Fourwalls is not responsible if the photos taken are not considered appropriate due to the condition of the property or the weather at the time of taking. 2.6 All copyrights, Trademarks, the rights of designs and other intellectual property rights of any kind, whether registered or not in any part of the world, as well as the right to claim one of the aforementioned rights in relation to Fourwalls or its subcontractors related to Fourwalls or its subcontractors remain (between Fourwalls and the customer) the absolute property of Fourwalls or its subcontractors and its subcontractors. , with the exception of a non-exclusive license for the customer to use the content for the purposes of the contract. 3.3 When ordering copy plans from the Fourwalls archives, it is up to the customer to confirm that the plan remains correct and, if it remains correct, to inform The FourWalls of the changes made to the property. 3.6 Fourwalls (and its subcontractors) will use appropriate care information to write brochures according to the customer`s instructions. With the approval of proof in PDF (or in another electronic format), the client assumes by e-mail full responsibility for the contents of the brochure and will be considered by Fourwalls to be verified and satisfied with all aspects of the brochure, including, but not limited to, text, photos, plans (including compass points), layout , logos and company colours. “content”: products and services that Fourwalls, directly or through its subcontractors, are subject to under these conditions and which are specified in all instructions, including, but not limited to, construction plans, leasing plans, architectural services, brochures, photographs, ICCs and Energy Certificates (ECCs); 5.1 Nothing under these conditions limits or excludes the liability of Fourwalls: 3.8 If the customer provides Fourwalls with an extract of an order or similar survey card for content use, it is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that he has received the corresponding license.