Boston College Roommate Agreement

Many student tenants go abroad for a semester or return home for the summer, but cannot break their lease. In these situations, tenants often rent their home to another person for a certain period of time. This unterlessee then usually pays the original tenant (Unterloser), who then pays the owner. Most leases and written agreements prohibit abstaining without the owner`s permission. Take a look at our “How to Sublet” guide. Utility costs vary considerably depending on the type of heat and what is included in the lease. If you are in a majority building based on radiators, there will almost certainly be no extra charge for heat, but if you rent an entire house, you may be responsible for paying for it. The oil can be quite expensive and vary depending on the quality of the insulation, and the efficiency of the heating mechanism. A good way to find out is simply to ask the previous owner or tenant, as each building will be different in its incidental costs. As a general rule, you expect to spend about 20% of your monthly rent for utility companies if you live alone, or about 10% of your monthly rent if you live with roommates. Please visit the database outside the campus apartment and search for subcontractors using the tabs for accommodation or roommates.

We also recommend the use of social networks and word of mouth. For step-by-step instructions to create a roommate profile or apartment list, click here. Finally, an option of increasing popularity is mating with a friend who will live off campus for the entire year. In this arrangement, friends can share a room for a semester and if the short-term roommate removes the other stays and can continue to pay the rent without having to find a direct roommate. Often, the short-term roommate offers to pay more than their fair share for the few months they share the bedroom. This tax is paid by you and your roommates to the owner. The fee represents the total compensation received by the Agency for the installation of your accommodation, the negotiation and agreement of the lessor, the creation and distribution of rental documents and the coordination of your move-in. The fee is usually one month`s rent, but can only be 1/2 months of rent depending on the market. Please consult our database of roommates and apartments to create a profile and search for roommates using the “Roommates” tab.