Pre Listing Inspection Agreement

Q: The seller only had a partial inspection (Great Structure Inspection), if we want the full house to be checked, do we have to pay for a full inspection? The officer paid for the preliminary inspection. I put the contract on behalf of the agents. Should I have put it on behalf of the sellers, since it is their home? I use the same type arrangement for both, only in the pre-listing it is as such. As the name suggests, a screening is an inspection requested by the seller of a property before putting his property up for sale. A screening allows a seller to identify and correct problems that may be in the facility and to eliminate the problems that stop the sales process. A pre-listing-home inspection reduces the liability of sellers and their agent. It makes the house more marketable. It helps the house sell faster and at a higher price. This reduces the likelihood that the agreement will collapse and buyers will leave at the last moment. And it offers security to the buyer before proposing a contract. So why aren`t sellers more interested in having one? It can come to their lack of knowledge and that`s where experienced agents come in.

It is really up to them to inform their customers of all the benefits of inspecting a seller and warn them of the pitfalls associated with the current standard routine. Yet there are some who feel different. By inspecting the house and making the inspector`s report available to potential buyers, the seller puts all the cards on the table; Seller control is the ultimate form of disclosure. It shows a sincere intention on the part of the seller and his agent to reveal the actual condition of the house. And it reduces the liability of the seller and listing agent if unre revealing defects are discovered later. Mentions; a “verification” is ordered and paid by the seller for the seller… Not the buyer. I have many parents who pay for inspections for children, current husbands who pay for inspections for a soon-to-be divorced wife, and brokers who pay for inspections for clients (Jim, my national partner and a broker with Century 21 Award, pays for all home inspections for his client, including LIST inspections for his selling clients). With the seller`s consent, our pre-listing inspection reports are transferable to the buyer. Building Insights Inc.

will make an exemplary approach to the home with the buyer to explain the contents of the report. Building Insights Inc. will then transfer the report on behalf of the buyer and enter into a contract with the purchasers to give them the confidence they need to move forward. The transfer fee for the report is $150 and is paid by the buyer. War in hot markets sometimes means that sellers are not considering conditional offers. Some buyers opt for inappropriate risks and offer without inspection. Some potential buyers stay out of the market because they don`t buy without an inspection.