Canada And Us Social Security Agreement

But as a high-paid earner in the United States, has there been a pension for seven years that I could receive because of the large amount of mandatory SS contributions I paid during my employment in the United States? You know that I am not directly entitled to U.S. pension benefits because I would not have the necessary 40 quarters of employment. Would an additional benefit be available under international agreements in this regard? Hello Margaret – If you worked in Canada after the age of 18, you are entitled to a CPP retirement pension, whether or not you return to Canada. However, the amount will be quite small, with the maximum being about $28.50 for each year of maximum income. You may also be entitled to an AEO pension under the Canada/U.S. agreement, but that amount is only about $14.50 for each full year you resided in Canada after age 18. My father worked in Chile at a very young age for a short time before coming to Canada as he did 50 years ago. Both pensions operate in the same way. Until my 24th bin.

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