Iatse Basic Agreement 2019

We negotiated to protect the retirement and health plan, and this interim agreement achieves our goals. Under this agreement, there will be no reduction in pension and health benefits. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which serves as the bargaining arm for companies, made a statement Wednesday: “The AMPTP applauds the leadership of IATSE President Matt Loeb and the business representatives of the IATSE West Coast Studio Local Unions on the ratification of a new three-year Hollywood base agreement. We look forward to continuing our long-standing collaboration with IATSE and its local unions to meet the evolving needs of management and workers, as important transitions and new developments emerge in the sector during the life of the new agreement.¬†We have secured additional hourly contributions to our benefit plans by employers to ensure the future strength of the plans. Some companies, including independent companies that produce content for streaming services, will contribute an additional $0.75 per hour $US per year to the deal, while companies that have paid arrears of more than $15 million, while the duration of the deal will be an additional $0.40 $US per hour. In addition to their residual commitment, by structuring the increased contributions, we will thus guarantee more money to finance the plans from content from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon and reduce subsidies to companies that do not have residual obligations. Obtain salary increases of 3% per year; protect our health and retirement plans; increase the contribution of all employers, including those who produce streaming content; improved safety and quality of life; improved rest periods; Increase and improve salaries, working conditions on streaming platforms. We are proud to say that the interim agreement has done this and more. Your bargaining committee has made significant progress on each of our key priorities. That`s why West Coast Studio Locals overwhelmingly supports this agreement. Training and safety are of the utmost importance to IATSE. The CSATF Training Course Scholarship will be increased by US$5 per hour effective August 1, 2019.

The confusing and restrictive “New Media Roster” is absorbed by the Experience Roster industry and offers more flexibility to members who work throughout our industry. Please visit the BCCFU website to have access to all tariff and marginal records for the three individual unions as well as the documents necessary to comply with the agreement. The site guides producers to the corresponding tariffs and fringe sheets based on the specific type of production, as follows: Guides from 12 of IATSE`s 13 residents on the west coast supported the new three-year provisional agreement with studios and networks. Guild Local 700 Publisher executives strongly rejected the deal and said it could not secure the provisions for processing time, pension plan funding and new media arrears from shows broadcast on streaming services, in a rare case of opinions within IATSE, which has usually presented a united front. After months of numerous and difficult negotiations, IATSE West Coast Studio Locals are overwhelmingly on the recommendation of the agreement reached on 26 July. The provisional agreement improves wages and working conditions while ensuring the health of social benefits for more than 40,000 IATSE members and their families. We have made this progress without increasing health care costs for members, without reducing the quality of members` health care, and without reducing members` working conditions. These additional contributions will include $153 million in our health plan over the life of the agreement, without benefits or coverage and members being harassed. .

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