Eu Agreement Document

obligations arising from the cooperation agreement between the European Community and its Member States, on the one hand, and the Swiss Confederation, on the other hand, with regard to the fight against fraud and any other illegal activity affecting their financial interests (11) CONSIDERING that it is in the interests of both the Union and the United Kingdom, a period of transition or implementation during which , notwithstanding all the consequences of the UK`s withdrawal from the EU with regard to the UK`s participation in EU institutions, bodies and agencies, including the end of the entry into force of this agreement, the mandates of all members of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies appointed or elected as part of the UK`s accession to the EU , should apply to the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. , and, as a general rule, with the same effect for Member States to avoid disruption during the negotiation period of the Agreement on Future Relations, Part 6 sets out the institutional modalities underlying the agreement and how to resolve disputes over the VA. The main changes to Part 6 of the March 2018 draft relate to disputes related to the agreement itself, which the Commission had originally proposed, should be resolved by the ECJ if they could not be resolved in the Joint Committee. Instead, the November draft proposes, in Article 170, that all disputes that are not settled in the Joint Committee be referred to an independent arbitration tribunal which will give a binding decision on the dispute. However, where litigation requires the interpretation of terms or provisions of EU law, Article 174 obliges the Tribunal to refer them to the ECJ in order to interpret in a binding manner those terms or provisions which the Tribunal must then apply. 1. Without prejudice to Article 127, paragraph 2, the United Kingdom is bound, during the transitional period, by the obligations arising from the international agreements concluded by the Union, of the Member States acting on its behalf or of the Union and its Member States acting jointly in accordance with Article 2, point (a) iv).