Touchstone Crystal Consultant Agreement

Only, the base wants to touch on one of your points… that what goes for them is the high quality of his merchandise and the name of Swarovski…. TC started in 2008. They campaigned in a Mag that I picked up in the hobby hall. When they first started, the jewelry was in kits, so it was a jewelry assembly party. Now, 10 years later, I discovered that many of the results on my pieces have been tarnished and look very cheap. My mother was also a consultant, and I am trying to unload our collective inventory and I have to redo articles. At least I can get the dull pearl bandages OFF w/o that break necklace/bracelet. They also have coins that contain pearls, birthstones, sterling silver and even “gold” (gold-ion coating). A “golden” necklace with solid and cheap rhinestone jewelry costs $150. A long necklace with crystal beads costs 140 $US.

What company makes jewelry with Swarovski crystals, which are of better quality than Crystal Touchstone jewelry, which is a department of Swarovoski, and sells these jewelry for less? Consultants make a profit on the price difference of their inventory sold. They also make a commission on the sale of people they recruit as independent consultants. I agree to know why buy from a consultant when this brand name is sold in 1000 stores. As a consultant, you need to realize that these stores are also your competitors. These stores can also do a lot more inventory than you can. If you start thinking this way, you need to start wondering if this is a scam. eBay – Why do your customers buy a necklace worth $100 when they can easily buy the same necklace on eBay for half (or even less) of the cost? Yes, eBay currently offers 174 auctions for various Touchstone crystal jewelry, and almost all of these pieces are new and at a great price. More than likely, the parts are sold by consultants who have abandoned the company and are only trying to recover some of their losses.

In any case, the advanced kit contains the same elements as the basic kit as well as some additional benefits. Some may find it easier to sell if they have more to do in the beginning. You can also get a custom site for $9.95 per month. Consultants are encouraged to host parties to present the products. By bringing people together, he can increase turnover and keep the advisor able to make money. 3. How much does it cost to reach Touchstone Crystal? To become a Crystal Touchstone advisor, you must choose one of the two business starter kits. The Basic Starter Kit costs $139 and includes more than $600 for jewelry and business deliveries. The Enhanced Starter kit costs $299 $US and includes nearly $900 for jewelry and business deliveries. Your custom website costs $9.95 per month. What if you can`t choose to become a consultant, or if you just want to tie some of the jewelry at a lower cost? To this end, you can organize a party for a current advisor and simply invite your family and friends.